Sad Images and Breakup Images in Hindi for Whatsapp

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Whatsapp Sad Images and Breakup Images in Hindi : We crafted new sad images for new whatsapp “my status” feature through which you can easily put sad images to tell your friends and relatives about your mood and how you feel. After Whatsapp update they introduce new feature i.e. “my status” . Now people are using images for their status to express their feelings. ब्रेकअप सैड स्टेटस, दर्द भरे एहसास , बेवफा प्यार, दिल टूटने का दर्द ये एहसास समझाए नहीं जाते बस महसूस किये जाते हैं। We compiled a list of sad emotional photos with quotes.

sad images

  • sad images

    Dard seh kar bhi muskurate hain….

  • heart broken images for whatsapp

    Unhe apna bnane ki koshih….

  • very very sad images

    Kuch khtayein bakshi nai jaati….

  • sad status

    Seene ki jagah aankhon mein….

  • whatsapp sad status image

    Pyaar hathon mein lagi mehndi….

  • sad whatsapp status image

    Ye jo tum lafhzon se chot dete….

  • sad status image for whatsapp

    Sab kuch khtam kr diya….

  • breakup status image

    Kuch is adaa se unhone….

  • heart broken quote image

    Saari umar uske khayalon mein guzar….

  • very sad emotional status image

    Tere siva mujhe sirf neend….

  • heart broken status

    Kayde mohabbat humne tod diye….

  • emotional status images

    Sab aate hai mera haalchaal poochne….

  • emotional quotes

    Saanse thi to akela tha….

  • very sad images

    Hogi bhaut si degrees tumhare pass….

  • breakup quote hindi images

    Ek Baar Keh Kar To Dekha Hota….

Sad Images Download for Whatsapp

If you are sad then you can put sad images created by us in hindi. Images are the best way to express your mood and feelings. We have top 20 sad images, heart broken , sad love photos for whatsapp and facebook. Feel free to download and set as your whatsapp status or facebook.

  • broken heart

    Jnaza Utha Hai , AAj Meri Kasmon….

  • sad quote image

    Pyaar Hamesha Se Hi Khoobsurat ….

  • whatsapp image status sad

    Shonk Nahin Hai Mujhe ….

  • berukhi

    Kaash Wo Samjhte Is Dil Ki ….

  • breakup

    Wjah Poochne KA Mauka ….

  • bewfai

    Acha Hua Ki Tumne ….

  • facebook sad images

    Dard Ban Kar Hi Reh Jao ….

  • breakup quote image hindi

    Pta Nahin Kyu Log ….

  • sad quotes facebook

    Koi Besbab , Koi Betaab ….

  • sad image

    Mere Likhe Lfhz Hi Padh….

  • dard

    Fark Hai Tumhare Aur Mere Dard ….

  • breakup quotes

    Meri Naa Sahi Teri Honi….

  • facebook sad status images

    Kasoor To Bhaut Kiye Zindagi ….

  • sad quote images

    Jhan Bhi Dekhoon ….

  • hasiyat

    Haal Poocha Naa Kahriyat Poochi ….

  • akela

    Aaj Akela Hua To Kya ….

Heart Broken is the worst feeling. The pain of the heart broken is unbearable , the person who can understand this is the person going through this pain 🙁 If you want to share your feelings to someone who doesn’t realize your feelings and emotions, you can send them these heart broken images in whatsapp or set as image status in whatsapp. Search terms leading to this page are very sad images in hindi , hindi images , heart broken hd sad wallpaper , hindi images for whatsapp status image , दिल के दर्द , अधूरा प्यार , emotional photos, हिंदी इमेजेस फॉर व्हाट्सएप्प स्टेटस इमेज . To miss someone badly is the feeling that can’t express by words 🙁 Sad miss u photos is the collection that you can relate with your feelings. Don’t be sad you must checkout our Attitude Images , we hope you like it 🙂 . You may also check Funny Images to referesh your mood.

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